location sound

Recording great location sound is not a simple task, it requires solid audio skills coupled with the ability to respond quickly and intelligently to changing circumstances. Natural sound, recorded cleanly, as it happens on location, brings your story to life in a way that is difficult and expensive to duplicate in the studio. Capturing that sound on location is an active process. You have to work hard at it. A good Location Sound Mixer is constantly looking for ways to get the audio just a little cleaner, a little sweeter, a little more natural.

With a Doghouse Productions audio team on location you can trust that your Production Sound Department will be engaged, focused, and working hard on just one thing - getting you the very best audio possible. If you have not felt this kind of commitment from your sound department in the past, we invite you to be pleasantly surprised when you see and hear the difference we can make in the quality of your production, both on the set and on the screen.

Technology marches forward and the film and video production business is no exception. Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic evolution in equipment used in the field and new techniques to compliment that new gear. Cameras change, styles change, workflows change and it's a challenge to keep ahead of the curve. At Doghouse Productions we spend the time before the shoot to make sure we know the requirements. Whether it's a film, high definition video or DSLR shoot, we know the systems, and can help you get the best audio results whatever your setup.