• Doghouse Productions is a Location Sound and Audio Post Production company specializing in words and sounds for film, video and multimedia productions. We're based in San Diego but ready for travel around the country and the world. We are technical folks with a musical ear that we bring to your project (typically we bring both ears).

    We have our own equipment and lot’s of hands on experience with it which means we arrive ready, knowledgeable and fully equipped. In the field we use Sound Devices time-code enabled digital recording equipment to keep your workflow simple and your audio rockin’. We like Sennheiser , Schoeps , and Sanken microphones because they sound great and cut together well. We use lectrosonics wireless devices because, well, they're simply the best. And we sync things up with denecke time code products.

    The Doghouse audio editing & mixing room is equipped with a Pro Tools HD 5.1 system, the industry standard for film post production. This means you not only get the very best quality audio and multi-channel mix options, but also the convenience of standardization throughout the entire post production process. You can bring us your whole soundtrack or individual audio stems – we can work seamlessly with just about anyone else in the business and that means you have options.

    Just around the corner from our mix room, the Doghouse vocal booth is designed for recording spoken voice. It’s an intimate space and a bit tight for a six piece band (unless you put the rhythm section out in the hall – they’re probably used to it), but voice over talent, and ADR actors, will fit right in.

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  • What We Can Do...


    In The Field

    Location Sound Recording for:

    Feature Film

    Episodic TV


    On Site Interview


    Short Form Commercial

    Long Form Infomercial

    Corporate Productions

    Keynote Speech


    Custom Sound Effects

    Time-Synched Music Video Playback

    24bit / 192kHz Archival Digital Recording

  • What We Can Do...


    In The Studio

    Audio Post Production including:


    Dialog, Music & FX Editing

    Sound Design & Scoring

    ADR &VO

    Foley and FX

    Noise Reduction

    Broadcast Mastering

    Web / Online Audio Content

    Forensic Audio Processing

    VO Demos

    Pro Tools HD 5.1 surround mix


    Voice Talent For:

    Commercial Voice Over

    Long Form – Books / Poetry on “tape”

    Instructional & Motivational DVD’s