location sound

So you've spent a bunch of time and money producing your ad for broadcast TV. Now, you're relaxing with your favorite sitcom when boom, on comes your spot, but your smile slides down your chin when you hear the wimpy audio; the music sounds flat and the dialog is difficult to understand. Overall it just doesn't hold up to the competition. What happened?

Most Video Editors can do a decent job of getting a rough audio mix. But just like the visual content, there is "secret sauce" that needs to be applied to audio to get it rocking too. Producers of national spots know this and don't skip the step of having their audio professionally Sweetened. Balancing, a little EQ, Dynamic control, and maybe some subtle Sound Design, that's the final step to a polished production. An experienced audio post production Editor/Sound Designer can help your spot run with the big dogs, and do it quickly and economically. When you hear the difference Doghouse Productions Sweetening can make you won't want to do without it.